Before the Snows

As the yella thing was back again minus its pals fog and ice, I lycrad up and toddled off down the Lochwinnoch track. The plan had been to do the full loop (minus the acrobatics of the last attempt) but I felt a bit sluggish so decided just to come back on the track rather than do the full loop. Dunno why I was sluggish – possibly the effects of my flu jags? Or doing too many spin classes (I did do a 2hours-plus session of gym yesterday). Average speed 13.4 but average cadence down at 76. Not disastrous but less good than I’m aiming for. Want to get to average speeds of 15+ over the Christmas break. Cadence hasn’t been too bad of late so as long as I keep it fairly constant around 75-85 just now I’ll be happy. Trip stats: 23.53 mi in 01:47:00 hours at 13.19 mi/h on Dolan Mythos.

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