Half-Century / Real Road

Well hey! Look at me! I just did my first 50 miles on a real proper road (as opposed, that is, to being on the Tacx – just in case you thought I forayed off into some parallel universe somewhere to notch up virtual half-centuries.) It was a strange little meander through various bits of North Ayrshire and then Renfrewshire to make up the distance – made all the sweeter by the fact that I’ve been orf the bike because of an exploding nose this week. As a result I struggled on anything more than grade 4%, speeds were poor and the last 6 miles or so were killers. I suspect it was pure obstinacy that got me round. Why do I kill myself like this? Perhaps if my mother, in our 45 years acquaintance on this planet, had even once told me she was proud of me or of something I’d done, I wouldn’t feel the need to go about killing myself to prove things that don’t need proving. So, FFS, SOMEONE OUT THERE TELL ME YOU’RE PROUD OF ME SO I CAN START TAKING THINGS A BIT EASIER!!

Man, that was cathartic!!

Update: I have just uploaded stuff to Garmin TC. and according to it, the hill I bottled out of was a grade 18%!!! Not sure I actually believe that – seemed more like a 12% to me. But… no wonder I’m knackered! Next time I’ll persevere with it instead of wimping out as the road over to Largs isn’t too bad for the most part gradient-wise, would be good training and… has Nardini’s at the end of it.

Ya know what? I’m almost proud of myself now!

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