Doing it in a group is so much better

Now I just know as I write that title that the netpervs will hit on it in droves which does rather amuse me somewhat. Not of course that I am desperate to attract readers to this blog, but …

Anyway, on to the real reason for the titterworthy title. This week I have undertaken my first ever group rides – one with the Thursday “beginners” group at Walkers Cycling (yes, I know. It’s an oxymoron) and a second on today with the 30-milers at Johnstone Wheelers. The irst was on a wonderfully mild windless night but the second was in good old-fashioned Scottish dreichness. I have subsequently augmented my cycling wardrobe (now there’s an image to conjure with!) to the sum of one jacket, waterproof and hi-vis, and one pair of lightweight waterproof overtrousers.

So why the group rides? My cycling guru tells me that the advantages of group riding outweigh and downside. I must admit oflate I have been getting a little bore of my own company (I’ve heard all my own jokes before ater all) and going out in a group certainly should alleviate that – not to mention inspire me to get off my arse and get out. I will also offer me the chance to get a better idea of how I am doing cycling wise as at the moment I have little to compare myself with other than what I saw during the Braveheart run. It also gives me the chance to try new routes as again I am a little bored with my “commutaroutes”. But by far the major plus is that I will be experiencing “proper” cycling – pacelines, drafting and all that good and clever real cyclist stuff. I say “will be” because the two rides I undertook this week were more in the way of social runs than cycle rides as such. In a couple of weeks time, once my exam pupils are offloaded, I will be going out with the Walker’s Wednesday night group which is an organised ride-out for those wishing to step up to a more challenging ride. I look forward to that enormously.

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