A Hoy there!

Now I’m not one to name-drop, as indeed I said to Lance Armstrong the other day, but there I was minding my own business today at the Glasgow Sky Ride when who should come along and insist on meeting me but Chris Hoy – Sir of that ilk.

Well. Maybe that’s not quite how it happened but it does make a good story. My taking part in the Glasgow Sky Ride part was accurate; three hours handing out information about Sky Ride Local to the great west of Scotland public plus two wheechs round the actual ride route with my fellow Trekkers Alan and Matthew. Now, it is really great to see 13,000 people getting on their bikes and the fact that the majority of the Sky Ride Locals are fully booked is equally brilliant. Anything that gets the Scottish public away from their wiis and Big Brother has to be good. We’re a long way away from the Dutch level of cycling involvement but this is a start. Bu there dos need to be a co-ordnated approach and why get kids interested in cycling only for it to be too dangerous for them to do so much as cycle to school.

For me, a good day in that I got to know some of my Sky Ride colleagues and felt that I had actually contributed something to the proceedings. Looking forward to my first “official” ride leads.

A Hoy there

Trekkies go Local

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