Go riders in the Sky

Today saw the last Sky Ride of the current season and quite apart from commenting on what a lovely ride it was in the autumn sunshine, it seemed appropriate to comment on how I feel this initiative has gone. I was a late addition to the ride leader team but in the eight weeks or so that I have been involved I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and have felt really quite proud to have been involved. It is not an initiative for the lycra-clad superheroes but is more aimed at the general public either new to cycling or wanting a more social ride, and I have particularly enjoyed seeing ordinary members of the public furthering their cycling skills and more to the point enjoying themselves. I liked that the ride levels catered for a broad sweep of abilities, especially with the lower ones being suitable for families. It was good as a leader to experience all of the levels as it made me see fully just how much potential the initiative has. It is not perfect at the moment but its potential to be a major influence in getting people fom all walks of life “on their bikes” is not in question. That British Cycling and Sky are investing in leader feedback sessions also encourages me that the influence will continue. I look forward to being part of this wonderful scheme next year and I would very much like to take my own involvement up a level and become a ride designer. Roll on next summer.

A View from the Bridge

Sky riders on top of the world

Some things are best left unasked

Autumn Glasgow skyline

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