Shaking sticks

Following on from the success of the recent practical workshop based “Shohin Off” event we are excited to announce plans for a new and improved show format for next year. We therefore extend a warm invitation to all bonsai enthusiasts to take part in our popular and enjoyable show in 2012. This event will be held at WIllowbog Bonsai on the weekend of 10th and 11th March 2012 and will be open to members and non-members alike.

For the exhibition section, as in previous years we invite individual exhibitors to display single trees or compositions of Shohin, Mame and Chuhin trees.

As we recognise it is sometimes difficult to put together a full 3,5 or 7 tree composition on an individual basis, we would more than welcome group entries. So we invite Bonsai clubs the length and breadth of the British Isles to put together a club composition featuring the best trees the members possess to form a collaborative effort.

But it doesn’t stop there. As a new, more inclusive feature to our show aimed at those of you who are beginning to reach the level where you would like to display your trees but are not sure of the final steps, we enthusiastically invite you to bring them along your small trees that you think are not quite show-worthy . As part of our continuing efforts to help improve the level of British Shohin Bonsai we will be offering the services of three leading names in the Bonsai world free of charge. Marco Invernizzi, Peter Warren and John Armitage will all be on hand to help you clean, moss and titivate your tree ready for it to be proudly displayed as part of a larger composition or as an individual tree in a special display area. This is an all inclusive event and we are aiming to show you the fun of participating in the BSA show and also help you to improve your trees and displays.

So do not worry if you:
• think your tree is not ready
• do not have the time to prepare your trees
• do not have stands, scrolls, accents
• are not a member of the BSA (only £20)
we are here to help with advice, moss and more stands than you can shake a stick at!

There will be the usual suspects of side-events, traders and of course the legendary Saturday Night meal and entertainment.

Please do put the date in your diary now. Further details will of course follow between now and the event. Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2012. Let’s get those sticks a-shaking.

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