Tempus fugiting all over the place

Well it seems I’ve done it again: nearly 6 weeks and not a single post. There is, of course, the possibility that I’ve not actually done anything worth talking about in that time, but I’d prefer to think it was just that I’ve been doing so much I haven’t had time. The end of another academic year draws near and I am gradually getting to the bottom of the mountain of marking that characterises this season. Now that would be fine but a significant part of it is that I have been inundated with students who have so far been invisible but who have obviously poured a large bucket of lemon juice over themselves or stood close enough to a direct heat source to render themselves visible again. Or at tlesat visible long enough to realise and deal with the minor issue that failure to hand in submissions will result in their bursaries being whacked off. And oh how I wish that were a euphemism!

Anyway, I have not been bereft of activities bicycling and/or bonsai: I have undertaken my first sportive of the year – a 43-mile jaunt round the scenery of Perth and Kinross. In the rain of course. An encounter with the surgeon precluded me from the Etape Caledonia. That’s the second year in a row a medical issue has caused this – here’s hoping it’s third time lucky next year.

Right, that’s us up to date. With any luck I’ll remember to keep it so.

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