Ladies of the Lake

I had my first ever attempt at a formal cycling event today when I was persuaded by Fiona and Anna Walker to take part in the Lake Classic Wimmin’s APR. Now this is nothing at all to do with repayments of money but it certainly did add interest to my cycling experience. An APR is a pursuit race in which riders chase each other around a circuit route in ability groups, with the slowest starting first. If your group is passed by a chasing group then you either have to keep up or essentially your race is over. Our cicuit was the LAke of Menteith and I, of course, was in the tortoise group and soon enough ended up at the back of it with another two ladies. This was partly brought about after a classic comedy moment when I couldn’t get my leg armers off in the pit lane at the start. I was almost literally riding out the pit lane with one leg stuck out while a marshall held on to a leg warmer in an attempt to remove it. Needless to say we were overtaken by both chasing groups but we decided we would soldier on and use it a learning experience. All in all it was a good day out, in remarkably good weather, and showed me precisely how much I have to improve before I can consider myself even an average cyclist.

“racing” round the Lake of Menteith

Not sure we were meant to stop for a photoshoot

the Walkers Babes

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