Oh God – Has it been THAT long?

12.34 mi in 51:28:00 hours at 0.24 mi/h on Dolan Mythos. I had a couple of my private pupils to see this morning so headed off on the bike. Normally I do my teaching at night and take the car, but as the yellow thing had snuck back into the sky for the first time since mid-November I thought it was time to get back in harness as it were. Not the best of rides but was good enough to get myself back in the saddle after a week’s flu-type illness plus a load of crap weather. Thank goodness for the spin classes I’ve been to – don’t think I’d have kept a decent fitness level up otherwise. Speed etc was OK but that’s as far as it goes today. Forgot to switch back on at Linwood so missing a couple of miles off the reading. My story and I’m sticking to it

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