Braveheartbabe of the most bodacious kind

A certain bicycling bonsai buddy of mine gave me the heads up on a pic that appeared on a website after the Braveheart ride gala dinner which I didn’t go to, or at least I didn’t think I’d gone to. Now there are certain aspects of this pic transaction that concern me. First because the said website has a section entitled Daily Distractions which is in effect the equivalent of Page Three of The Sun, featuring as it does pictures of dolly birds submitted by a load of dirty old (and probably also dirty young) men. My boncycling buddy quite clearly must have been grubbing about in this section which I have now christened Lechers’ Lane. The second aspect is of course that it is just a tad sad that in this day and age that sports still are so misogynistic that they feel it necessary to have testosterone fuel in the form of glamour pusses. Some years ago this whole thing would have bothered me almpst to the point of staging a protest. Nowadays I take a broader approach to it and I was glad to see that at least of half of the pics provided were of women who were obviously cyclists. They also for the most part it must be said looked bloody good in cycle wear, thus dispelling the myth that we are all a bunch of lesbians with more balls than a pawnbroker’s sign. So I am not enraged but still ahve a desire to submit a couple of pics of some male cycling tottie just to even thngs up. After all, why shouldn’t I be allowed a daily distraction? Now then. I wonder how much of a sense of humour the lovely Mishan who takes my Tuesday spin class has?

Anyway. here is the aforementioned pic, and also another version which appeared later and has given me to question my memory of the dinner event. Dunno how my buddy failed to notice the significance.

The babes

the REAL braveheart babe

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