How big is this darn kitchen?

30.07 mi in 01:47:14 hours at 16.82 mi/h on the taxc satori blue turbo trainer. Another journey across the kitchen. jeez, I’ll be wearing a rut in the floor soon. Decided to up the ante slighty and go for a 30 miler. This is because the Johnstone Wheelers have the first of their first formal rides in three weeks time – this one is about 37 miles of hilly terrain. I’ve ridden part of it before when I was just starting out and did OK, but that was when there wasn’t anyone there to let down or in front of whom to make a tool of myself. I’m not promising myself I’ll go to the ride but it is a good target to set myself – 37 miles distance and a bit more resistance on the flywheel to simulate hills. But then again who knows: might even be back out on the road by then. I hope!

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