That Was The Week That Was

I stated last time that I didn’t want to run the risk of boring you, my dearest reader, to death so as promised I have not posted each and every cycling exploit this week. Instead, here are the “highlights”. If, dear reader, you wish the specific details, they can be found by clicking the link to My Cycling Log on the right sidebar. And if you dont’ want to know the scores, look away now.

So, were there any highlights? Well yes actually. First, it was warm enough on one occasion to get outdoors albeit only briefly as I hit a stretch of ice just outside Lochwinnoch. But it did give me the opporchancity to use the pedal cleat shoes on a real ride. With, I’m happy to report, no mishaps. BUT, more importantly, this week I did my first half century. Indoors of course but a half century nevertheless. In terms of challenge, it was more of a flat run with only a few miles of anything more than gradient 3, so it was not particularly typical of a “real” ride in terms of hills – or even gentle slopes! But it was about going the distance – which I did and reasonably comfortably too. Chicken Fajitas and spicy onion rings at lunchtime probably helped (no jokes about following winds please!).

So the total for January went up to 305 miles which gives me a good chance of making the 425 minimum in a week’s time. I was asked if the kitchen 50 miles wasn’t interminably boring, and on this occasion it wasn’t as I had good music to listen to and a point to prove. But I suspect the repeat performance will have to be outdoors as doing it again in the confines of the Midgeskitchen might very well be about as exciting as colonic irrigation. Or listening to Cliff Richard. Hmmm… anyone got any rubber tubing?

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