Once more into the breeks!

So. No more snow. But a return to the “normal” piddling down and howling gale meant that I still wasn’t able to get outdoors. An alternative plan therefore needed for my run today. Yep, you guessed it. The kitchen. Result – 25.05 mi in 01:14:29 hours at 20.18 mi/h. It was a fast flat run which I had decided on as I had been feeling a bit tired earlier in the day – so much so I feel asleep during the Liverpool vs Stoke game which, I was reliably informed, was probably the best course of action. I felt bloody marvellous on the “run” however, and could have gone on but for the lure of ham, potatoes and sprouts cooking away behind me getting too much to bear. That’s the trouble with kitchen rides – you are at the mercy of every delicious smell. The other day I developed a craving for marmalade because it was being made behind me, and I have never liked the stuff. Forgot the dang heart strap again. Just as well I’m not in danger of exploding. Right; shower, then on to MCL to see if I am still ahead of the one who must be kept ahead of at all costs. You know who you are! And I am! So far.

Well, that’s the end of the first week of indoor cycling and I’ve done 130 or so miles. That’s only another 290 to go to make the minimum target for the month (between 425 and 450 pcm is the target parameters). It’s getting not so knackering, and although I’m not anywhere near getting the best out of it, I’m very pleased with it so far. Have got a training wheel on order to complete the set. I’ll not bore you with details of every ride from now on, so expect weekly updates from now on unless something out of the ordinary occurs.

On an aside, I’m getting a bit fed up with the scenery so I think I’ll redecorate. How about wallpaper featuring rolling hills and other pretty landscapes. Or to really confuse myself, rolling waves on an open sea.

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