The kitchen revisited

15.02 mi in 01:02:31 hours at 14.42 mi/h on taxc satori blue turbo trainer. Another snowfall put paid to any hope of getting out on to some real roads today so I embarked on a further world tour of the kitchen featuring today’s domestic appliance of choice – the hoover. The hoover got involved because of yesterday’s unfortunate incident of the towel in the dog’s water dish, so the bike ‘n’ Tacx combo got moved slightly further back in the room thus allowing said vacuum cleaning device to double as a towel rail. Today’s plan was different: instead of going for speed on a relatively flat surface, I attemtped to simulate a hillier ride by using the resistance settings. The idea is that setting 1 equates to grade/gradient 1, setting 2 = grade 2 and so on. It’s a bit looser than that in actual fact but Im still awaiting advice from an expert from a bike forum to give me the more exact calcs. So, the game plan was 5miles at setting (grade) 4; 5 miles at 2; 2 miles at 3; 2 miles at 4; 0.5miles at 5, then 0.5 at setting 2 to simulate a downhill sprint (well sort of) finish. Phew! The first 5 miles at 4 were OK but the last ones were hell. Ah well, practice makes perfect.

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