Shohin Off!

Been actually doing some work on bonsai in the past couple of days as it’s been nice enough to sit in the sunshine (looking out at it, that is, from the dining room windows) but too cold and icy underfoot to try a bike outing. And with the British Shohin Association annual exhibition a mere four weeks away, it was time to start getting things tidied, tweaked, twiddled, trimmed and generally buffed up – all of those being, of course, technical terms widely used in bonsai circles! I am still a couple of quality trees short for my large rack display but have been working up a nice little Juniper to fill a gap. Today I put some wire on it to get the shape better. It still requires a bit of growing in terms of the foliage but I will keep inside in a cold room between now and the show and spray it with Foliaire Hiver which seems to have greened up my other Junipers nicely.

I still have to clean up the deadwood before the show but here it is as it was over the summer and as it looks just now:

Before styling

After styling

another after shot

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