Ice Dancers

Oh I am getting to be so much of an anorak where these wee birdies are concerned. As we had been dumped on by the deities with another heavy snow fall, cycling wasn’t an option outdoors today. I spent two hours at the dining room windows looking for a Bullfinch that has been visiting for a few days, and just as I had packed away the camera ready for an anorak outing to Lochwinnoch, I saw the flash of colour in the Hawthorn next to the feeders. Camera back out but didn’t have time to check the settings so the resultant pictures were not as good as I wanted. Still, they’re better than the ones earlier in the week.

Bullfinch up in Hawthorn tree

on the feeder table

And then off to Lochwinnoch for a couple of hours (and a choc chip flapjack). Got some nice wee pics of chaffinches and so on in the photo hide, but then set off round to the Wilson Hide to watch the antics of the Grey Heron which were sitting motionless on the frozen loch. At one point there were 14 of them and I thought it was just them hunting for food. The expert at the Centre reckoned it was all part of a mating ritual, though personally I’d have preferred some choccies and flowers rather than having to get my butt frozen off for hours while waiting for a suitable suitor. Whatever tickles your fancy, I suppose. At one point they were all coorying (coorie-ing?) into each other in a bizarre dance to the extent that I christened them the Ice Dancers.

The Ice Dancers

Coorie doon, coorie doon, coorie doon ma darlin'


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