Bicycles, Birds and (Missing) Banter.

This post should have been solely under the category of Wee Trees but sadly earlier in the week my fellow travellers opted out of a trip to Bonsai Chat at Willowbog and with both of my vehicles currently needing some attention (and not needing a 200 mile round trip), I found myself bereft of bonsai banter and blethers. Not to worry – it is a mere three weeks until the British Shohin Association show where I shall more than make up for today’s loss.

In the meantime I did some cycling and although it was dry and warm (ish!) enough to go on the road, I opted to stay indoors – partly on account of a very iffy stomach (which has additionally kept me from a pleasant evening with friend Jill and god-daughter Amy) and partly because I was desperate to try out one of the training programmes from my bran noo cycling book. This was the first of twelve sessions entitled How To Kill Yourself on a Static Training Bike (possibly exaggerating there) and was written by Arnie Baker who, I am convinced, was the man on whom The Terminator was modelled. Anyway, I did manage the programme – well sort of. I didn’t manage the full spin-up sections owing to an inability to move my legs at the speed of light as seemed to be a basic requirement. And the Isolated Leg training was a hoot because I forgot to reset the resistance which meant it took a lot of turning and strange balancing. I must have looked like a somewhat arthritic dog trying to cock its leg against a lamp-post. I managed though (to compete the programme that is – not to cock my leg against a lamp-post!) but there is certainly a lot to work on before progressing to Session 2. It certainly took my mind off my gyp stomach though.

And, as an added bonus (anorak alert here, folks!) while watchng the feeders over the course of the day, I noticed two new visitors to the garden: a Goldfinch and a Common Redpoll – both attracted, it seems, by the new Nyger seed feeder. A couple of new tourists equals a cost vindicated. Sweet! It of course gave rise to the conversation about whether or not certain birds had been to the garden before we started paying such close attention. We’ve certainly had Goldfinches in the past (but not this year) but I don’t ever recall a Common Redpoll visiting. Made up slightly for not getting to Willowbog and to Jill and Amy’s.

Goldfinch in the hawthorn ready to hit the feeders

On the Nyger seed feeder

Common redpoll on the Nyger seed feeder

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