Slummin’ It

The good thing about having a well-off sister and bro-in-law is that we occasionally get to piggy-back on the good life things they get up to. And so when they invited us to spend some time with them at their HPB holiday destination in the Trossachs, we of course had to think long and hard about it.

An idyllic setting on the shores of Loch Achray, Tigh Mor is a largish complex which incorporates the former Trossachs Hotel building and a newer built set of flats in the style of a stable block. The sun shone wonderfully for us on the Friday and I was able to notch up 23 miles on the MTB while making my way to meet up with the rest of them at various destinations.

The 6 inches of snow we woke up to on the Saturday morning was rather more of a surprise, and the scene looked even more idyllic with the ice-cream topped buildings framed against the blue sky. Less pleasant was getting snowed in on the Sunday as the heavens deposited their loads of flaky stuff for nigh on 18 hours and made the roads too hazardous to attempt a return to home.

Made it back down on the Monday morning and got to work with two minutes to spare. Pity the students hadn’t been so dilligent, rather than using the lack of a Number 48 bus from one end of Paisely to the other as an excuse for more snoozing and/or watching some extra editions of The Jeremy Kyle Show while dining on a few additional Pot Noodles. Tcha! Young people of today!

All in all an interesting weekend with plenty of plus points. Would like to revisit the area in less inclement weather as the biking and other outdoor activities are rather splendid.

Ah well.

our place in the country. I wish!


twin headed stags

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