Wee trees

Made it down to Wilowbog for a bonsai chat and a committee meeting. First time I’ve been there in several months and apart from being inspiring, it also made me wonder why I hadn’t been down for so long. made up for it all by buying a couple of new shohin. I got a Cuphea which is an unusual species for bonsai and one which I have absolutely no experience of. The other is a Pinus mugo – easy to bonsai and I had one some time ago which I sold and then regretted. I will post a picture of the Cuphea once it comes into leaf and then again when (hopefully) in flower, but I have done very little with it other than a quick trim and a bit of a wire down. I did an extensive needle pluck and trim of the Mugo. Here they are:

Mugo pine


The mugo after some work

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