All in a day’s work

Well since we last spoke several good things have happened:  First, I had a short but very pleasant long weekend on Islay to celebrate the *says number in a very low voice*th  birthday of my lovely husband, George.  Apart from the birthday celebrations, I managed a couple of decent rides and notched up about 70 miles between them. On the Sunday I joined up with the Velo Club d’Ardbeg for a 25mile ride that was made “interesting” by the relentless wind. It is a curious phenomenon of the west of Scotland that every wind seems to be a headwind irrespective of which way one is facing.  And with its geographical location, Islay tends to get a fair bit of wind.  On Sunday I am convinced I could have leant backwards into the wind at a 45degree angle without falling over.  It certainly made the outward leg of the ride character building  as we pedalled frantically to compensate. Which is fine had it not been for the fact that we were going downhill at the time.   Admittedly when we were heading in the other direction we could almost literally have put our feet up and not needed to pedal. Heyho. At least the sun was shining through it all. The second ride was a 40 miler from Port Charlotte to Port Ellen and back to Bridgend on the high road.  Not particularly hilly but enough to make it interesting.  Funnily enough, the last time I cycled this route I struggled on a few of the lumpy bits so I am claiming this as progress having been made.  I’d have liked to have done more miles but I’d arranged to meet the rest of the family for lunch.  That and the small matter of an aeroplane to catch.

Which brings me to the next good thing. Upon my return home, I extricated an interesting looking letter from the bundle and found therein an offer from my employers of a 0.5 permanent contract.  Long time readers of this blog will know that I have been on a temporary contract for some five years now, so this offer comes as a massive relief to me. And indeed to my bank balance.

So, perhaps there’s some truth in the old saying about good things coming to those who wait.


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