Spring, begad!!

Well it’s been a funny three weeks or so – very busy at work and the weather hasn’t exactly leant itself to cycling.  I had a few good uns though, including a route which started in East Kilbride in sunshine but which encountered snow on the high ground. I must have put my foot down in it at some point as I ended up not being able to get my pedal engaged because the cleat had filled with snow to the point where it had formed a hard-packed circle of ice.  Then amazingly three days later my friend Jacky and I had a good mid-week run in glorious sunshine and a total lack of the bothersome winds of the past few weeks.  This was continued some extent (sunshine a bit more spasmodic)  on the Saturday when I had agreat ride round the Three Lochs route with the combined GRCM and Spokes groups. Only 40 miles in total but it involved a challenging climb up out of Loch Striven – one which hits 20% at one point. I didn’t make it up in one go but coped not too badly.  The route includes some decent flat fast sections, some hilly stretches and some smashing scenery.  I am now a mere five miles off 1500 for the year, which is pretty much where I wanted to be if I am to equal my 5000 miles of 2010.

But now my attentions are turning to my Texas trip. We leave this Thursday and the ride is Saturday and Sunday. Excited? Me? Never!  🙂


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